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How Aerolite Think Pink Works

Aerolite Think Pink insulation provides a high resistance to the flow of temperature and sound through the building envelope of your home and this limits the impact of the outside temperature and noise variations helping to maintain a stable and comfortable living environment.
You Need to Know - The Building Regulation Requirements
Your Climate Zone   |   Your R-Value   |   Your Aerolite Think Pink Options   |   Installation

Your Climate Zone

South Africa has been divided into six climate zones according to their humidity and temperature variations. Each climatic zone has a different R-value that determines the thickness of Aerolite Think Pink to be used.

Temperate Coastal Arid Interior Cold Interior Temperate Interior Hot Interior Sub-Tropical Coastal


Your R-Value

All insulation materials have an R-value to determine their effectiveness. It’s the ability of the product to resist the transfer of heat and is the most important factor when selecting insulation. The higher the R-value the more effective the insulation and Aerolite has a variety of thicknesses according to the R-value required.

Aerolite 135mm

Temperate Coastal Arid Interior Cold Interior

Aerolite 115mm

Temperate Interior

Aerolite 100mm

Hot Interior Sub-Tropical Coastal

Aerolite 50 mm and 75 mm can be installed as top up in homes that already have insulation but do not meet the minimum requirements for adequate insulation.

Your Aerolite Options

Thicker Aerolite = higher R-value = more effective the insulation.

Thickness Width Length R-Value
50 mm 1,200 mm 10,000 mm 1.25
75 mm 1,200 mm 8,000 mm 1.88
100 mm 1,200 mm 6,000 mm 2.50
115 mm 1,200 mm 7,000 mm 2.88
135 mm 1,200 mm 5,000 mm 3.38


Aerolite is easy to install for DIY enthusiasts. Use eye protection, dust mask, gloves and long overalls when installing Aerolite.


1. Measure the distance between tie beams using a tape measure. While still in the bag, cut Aerolite to the required size. The Aerolite should be cut 50mm more than the distance between the tie beams.


2. Remove the Aerolite from the bag. Roll out the Aerolite between the tie-beams ensuring that it fits tightly. Also ensure that the Aerolite is tightly butted against each other.


3. Cut Aerolite out around trap doors and fix the cut section to the trap door using good quality contact adhesive.


4. Wrap water pipes using Aerolite insulation. Measure the circumference of the pipe. Cut Aerolite to the required size ensuring that there is 10mm overlap when Aerolite is wrapped around the pipe. Secure the Aerolite using string/cable ties every 300mm.


5. Cut Aerolite out around down lights.