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ThinkPink Aerolite

Oct 10th, 2019 by

For over 65 years, ThinkPink Aerolite has been a firm favourite and is the most tried and trusted insulation in the market today. It’s simple – the non-combustible Glasswool ceiling solution provides high resistance to the flow of temperature and sound.
Plasterboard together with ThinkPink Aerolite installed in your ceiling will maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home by creating a heat flow barrier between the roof tiles and the ceiling. Enhancing thermal properties means that your home will be warm in winter and cool in summer, which is not only important for health, well-being and productivity at home, but it’s environmentally friendly as well (and we all know that environmental sustainability is a hot topic right now). As temperature differences are reduced, less energy is required and your home will become more energy efficient, which will lead to reduced electricity costs over the long run.
While traditional heating methods such as underfloor heating, gas and wood fireplaces or gas heaters will always be popular, it’s worth making improvements to your ceiling, which will not only enhance interior comfort but also add value to your home.
Think of this: 35% of the average home’s energy is lost and gained through the ceiling in a typically non-insulated home. With ever-increasing power costs and homeowners looking to save on energy usage and costs, ThinkPink Aerolite insulates your ceiling and dramatically slows down heat loss or gain, thus reducing the need for heaters which translates directly to less energy used and lower energy bills.
The opposite applies to summer, where insulated ceilings contribute to a cooler, more comfortable interior when the sun is beating down on those long summer days.
It’s a no brainer. The combination of increased thermal comfort and energy savings means there is never a better time to ThinkPink!

Think Pink – the economical choice!

Oct 10th, 2019 by

It’s Money in the Bank

You don’t need to be an economist to know that we live in, what can only be described as, both the best of times and the worst of times financially speaking. What once cost you 100 South African Rands, now costs double or treble that. Home owners are especially feeling the pinch.
Experts have described the South African housing market as being in a state of paralysis. People are not investing money in property. There may be many reasons for this – Millennials we’re looking at you and your smashed avo on toast. But as with most things, it will essentially come down to South Africa’s troubling economy. For those of us that are lucky – or brave enough – to have taken the plunge and bought a house, there might be a number of expenses that take precedent over roof insulation.

What makes Think Pink Aerolite so economical?

We’re pleased to tell you that Think Pink Aerolite will essentially pay for itself in the two years after installation. Because Think Pink Aerolite roof insulation helps regulate the heat loss so you will spend less on heating in winter. We all know that hot air rises and cool air sinks, when you’ve installed Think Pink Aerolite the glass wool reduces the need for artificial climate control by keeping the warm air in the house. Rather than letting it escape through the ceiling. Essentially ThinkPink Aerolite continues to save you money in years to come while caring for the environment.
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Oct 10th, 2019 by

Apart from keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, ThinkPink Aerolite has the added benefit of keeping things around you quieter.

Environmental noise insulation

Thanks to its exceptional acoustic insulation properties, it reduces the levels of noise from outside and absorbs and insulates noise from the inside.
When we are acoustically comfortable, we are more productive, happier and experience fewer health issues. Research has shown that well-designed sound environments in offices or schools help to improve concentration and enable better communication. Learning is more effective and less tiring when students can comfortably hear and understand their teacher. In hospitals, reducing the stress and sleeplessness created by high noise levels helps patients recover faster and facilitates the work of the staff. In our homes, protection from noise contributes to a sense of security and privacy.

External noise reduction

In a world where the increasing pace of urbanization and densification means that people are living closer together, compounded by disruptive noises from car engines, ambulance sirens and construction sites, consumers are increasingly looking for ways to make their homes a true sanctuary, and that means keeping noise levels from the outside down.

Interior noise insulation

The same can be said for inside noise – no-one wants to hear the television blaring from the living room or your housemate’s telephone conversation with their significant other while you’re trying to focus on finishing the last chapters of a riveting book.
If you’re looking for a product that works doubly hard at keeping the temperature comfortable while helping to block out unnecessary noise, look no further than ThinkPink Aerolite.

ThinkPink Aerolite – the friendly roofing solution

Oct 10th, 2019 by

Famed pacifist Mahatma Gandhi is famed for saying, ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’
This isn’t a phrase that cross-stitch onto pillows, it’s a way of thinking that we, here at ThinkPink Aerolite subscribe to daily.
Not only does Aerolite ThinkPink Insulation help use less energy to cool and heat buildings but it’s also environmentally friendly too. It’s true, our glass wool consists of 80% recycled glass which goes a long way to reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Our factories are CFC & HCFC free

Because we believe in making a conscious effort in reducing our carbon footprint, we have put processes in place that ensure our factories that produce your insulation of choice are both CFC and HSFC free. In fact, ThinkPink aerolite saves more than 100 times the energy consumed and the CO2 emitted from manufacturing, transporting and the disposal.

Proudly South African

ThinkPink products are not only environmentally friendly to use and produce, but they are also made right here in South Africa. Because they do not need to be transported internationally i.e. across the oceans or via the air, they minimize our footprint even more!

When you purchase insulation with the ThinkPink branding you can rest assured that you will not only save yourself money on heating and cooling your home, office or building but you will also be playing an important part in the conservation of the planet.
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ThinkPink Aerolite – the ultimate DIY project

Oct 10th, 2019 by

Do it yourself!

There is an old adage that states if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! Truer words were never spoken, especially where ThinkPink Aerolite Insulation is concerned.

Our household budgets [Link to More Economical Blog post] are often stretched to capacity and we aren’t always able to hire a contractor *and* buy the materials. However, ThinkPink Aerolite insulation blankets come in compression packed rolls ready to be placed in your ceiling. They are so simple to install that you can do it yourself!

How-to install your ThinkPink blankets

Once you’ve found a pre-approved supplier of ThinkPink insulation you need to choose your desired thickness- this will be dictated by the purpose and the region in which you live. Each region of the country has different weather patterns, so before you install your ThinkPink aerolite yourself, double check the requirements. Once you’ve ordered your insulation and have collected it – or had it delivered- you’ll need to cut it to size. Then all you need to do is to lay your ThinkPink Aerolite on top of your existing ceiling.

Once you have trimmed and unrolled your insulation blankets you need to make sure that they decompress and ‘puff-out’ as this is an important component of the insulation process. It is the glass wool’s ability to block and resist heat flow due to the tiny airgaps in the material that makes it effective. Which is why it’s important to double check that the blanket is not compressed or squashed in anyway

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Oct 10th, 2019 by

We all like to think of our homes as our sanctuary and the space to get away from the hustle and bustle of the mad world in which we live. But do we think enough of how safe it is?

ThinkPink Aerolite: keeping you comfortable in every season

ThinkPink Aerolite, known for keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to its excellent insulation properties, has developed a reputation over 65 years of being the most tried and trusted insulation on the market today. Apart from its thermal properties, it literally adds a layer of safety to your home and boasts a number of top-notch credentials in this regard.

Fire resistant technology

It is made from Glasswool and has zero health risks. Yes, that’s right. Zero. It is certified as a non-combustible product and won’t burn or create smoke (in fact it’s also recommended for hospitals and clinics because of its great fire rating). It contains no asbestos, doesn’t emit toxic fumes, is bio-soluble and has a Class III rating by the World Health Organisation. It is odourless, won’t attract vermin and doesn’t breed mould or micro-organisms.
The saying “as safe as houses” harks back to the Victorian age but still holds true today. All aspects of safety in our homes should be a number one priority and ThinkPink Aerolite plays a role to make our homes safer and more comfortable.