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For over 65 years, ThinkPink Aerolite has been a firm favourite and is the most tried and trusted insulation in the market today. It’s simple – the non-combustible Glasswool ceiling solution provides high resistance to the flow of temperature and sound.
Plasterboard together with ThinkPink Aerolite installed in your ceiling will maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home by creating a heat flow barrier between the roof tiles and the ceiling. Enhancing thermal properties means that your home will be warm in winter and cool in summer, which is not only important for health, well-being and productivity at home, but it’s environmentally friendly as well (and we all know that environmental sustainability is a hot topic right now). As temperature differences are reduced, less energy is required and your home will become more energy efficient, which will lead to reduced electricity costs over the long run.
While traditional heating methods such as underfloor heating, gas and wood fireplaces or gas heaters will always be popular, it’s worth making improvements to your ceiling, which will not only enhance interior comfort but also add value to your home.
Think of this: 35% of the average home’s energy is lost and gained through the ceiling in a typically non-insulated home. With ever-increasing power costs and homeowners looking to save on energy usage and costs, ThinkPink Aerolite insulates your ceiling and dramatically slows down heat loss or gain, thus reducing the need for heaters which translates directly to less energy used and lower energy bills.
The opposite applies to summer, where insulated ceilings contribute to a cooler, more comfortable interior when the sun is beating down on those long summer days.
It’s a no brainer. The combination of increased thermal comfort and energy savings means there is never a better time to ThinkPink!