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What is Aerolite

Aerolite is a non-combustible, glasswool ceiling insulation solution that reduces the energy required to maintain a comfortable living environment.

Key Benefits


Cooler and Warmer

A typical un-insulated home gains or loses up to 35% of its energy through the ceiling. The net result is a home that is uncomfortably hot in summer and cold in winter. Aerolite insulates your ceiling and dramatically slows down heat loss or gain resulting in a comfortable home.



Aerolite has exceptional acoustic insulation properties; it enhances your indoor environment by absorbing noise from the inside and outside.



Unlike many competitive products that claim limited combustibility, Aerolite is a certified non-combustable product which means it won't burn, smoke, or melt in a fire as it's made from glasswool.



The growing energy crisis and cost has forced a need to conserve energy and reduce electricity usage. Aerolite helps you save by limiting heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.



Aerolite is made of 80% recycled glass and our factories are CFC and HCFC free.
Aerolite saves more than 100X the energy consumed and CO2 emitted from manufacturing, transporting and disposing – so you are on the right side of a sustainable future.



Aerolite blankets are easy to install. Supplied in resilient, flexible compression packed rolls for easy manoeuvring and cutting inside your roof. Simply lay Aerolite on top of your existing ceiling.