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Do it yourself!

There is an old adage that states if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! Truer words were never spoken, especially where ThinkPink Aerolite Insulation is concerned.

Our household budgets [Link to More Economical Blog post] are often stretched to capacity and we aren’t always able to hire a contractor *and* buy the materials. However, ThinkPink Aerolite insulation blankets come in compression packed rolls ready to be placed in your ceiling. They are so simple to install that you can do it yourself!

How-to install your ThinkPink blankets

Once you’ve found a pre-approved supplier of ThinkPink insulation you need to choose your desired thickness- this will be dictated by the purpose and the region in which you live. Each region of the country has different weather patterns, so before you install your ThinkPink aerolite yourself, double check the requirements. Once you’ve ordered your insulation and have collected it – or had it delivered- you’ll need to cut it to size. Then all you need to do is to lay your ThinkPink Aerolite on top of your existing ceiling.

Once you have trimmed and unrolled your insulation blankets you need to make sure that they decompress and ‘puff-out’ as this is an important component of the insulation process. It is the glass wool’s ability to block and resist heat flow due to the tiny airgaps in the material that makes it effective. Which is why it’s important to double check that the blanket is not compressed or squashed in anyway

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