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ThinkPink Aerolite is manufactured by Isover.

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Apart from keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, ThinkPink Aerolite has the added benefit of keeping things around you quieter.

Environmental noise insulation

Thanks to its exceptional acoustic insulation properties, it reduces the levels of noise from outside and absorbs and insulates noise from the inside.
When we are acoustically comfortable, we are more productive, happier and experience fewer health issues. Research has shown that well-designed sound environments in offices or schools help to improve concentration and enable better communication. Learning is more effective and less tiring when students can comfortably hear and understand their teacher. In hospitals, reducing the stress and sleeplessness created by high noise levels helps patients recover faster and facilitates the work of the staff. In our homes, protection from noise contributes to a sense of security and privacy.

External noise reduction

In a world where the increasing pace of urbanization and densification means that people are living closer together, compounded by disruptive noises from car engines, ambulance sirens and construction sites, consumers are increasingly looking for ways to make their homes a true sanctuary, and that means keeping noise levels from the outside down.

Interior noise insulation

The same can be said for inside noise – no-one wants to hear the television blaring from the living room or your housemate’s telephone conversation with their significant other while you’re trying to focus on finishing the last chapters of a riveting book.
If you’re looking for a product that works doubly hard at keeping the temperature comfortable while helping to block out unnecessary noise, look no further than ThinkPink Aerolite.