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When it comes to most improvement jobs that involve crawling around in the roof space or attic, getting a professional in to do the work is often advisable! But when it comes to installing glass wool insulation for your home, it couldn’t actually be easier. Insulation is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways to cut your energy costs by reducing heat lost through the roof in the winter, and limiting the amount of heat absorbed through your roof in the summer.

Glass wool insulation is easy to work with, and usually comes supplied in rolls that are pre-compressed. This makes them far less bulky to transport and work with. Just make sure that, once you’ve cut it to size and removed the protective plastic layer, the material “puffs up” again as it decompresses. Glass wool’s ability to resist heat flow comes from the tiny air gaps in the material, so checking to see that it’s not compressed or squashed in any way once installed is important to ensure it works properly.

Most glass wool insulation is available in standard widths and thicknesses, designed to fit between studs, rafters and joists. If you do need to cut it, do so with the plastic still on, and allow a border of about 50mm on either side. This is to make completely sure there aren’t any gaps in the rows of insulation. Make sure you buy the correct thickness for your particular climatic region. Johannesburg, Pretoria and the Western Cape, for example, need 135mm insulation to be regulation compliant.

Don’t forget to wear gloves, long sleeves and long trousers when you work with glass wool insulation, as the fibres can sometimes be itchy when they come into contact with your skin. And of course, when you’re finished installing your insulation, check that any electrical wires in the roof are lying exposed on top of the insulating material. And remember to cut around all your downlights!

Aerolite glass wool insulation is very easy to install and is supplied in resilient, flexible compression packed rolls for easy manoeuvring and cutting inside your roof. But if you need any advice, help or assistance, please chat to one of our friendly advisors today.