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The very act of insulating your home is an environmentally friendly thing to do. By cutting down on the amount of heat that is either absorbed or lost by your home, you reduce your reliance on air-conditioning units or heating systems. And that takes the pressure of the environment and the national grid. However, some insulation materials are more eco-friendly than others, and glass wool is widely hailed as one of the most environmentally friendly insulation choices of all.

Glass wool insulation is made from up to 80% recycled glass, much of which comes from glass bottles. This significantly reduces the amount of non-biodegradable glass that is discarded back into nature. The glass is combined with naturally occurring silica sand and fluxing agents, resulting in an end product that is rated as having zero Ozone Depleting Potential. In addition, no HCFCs or CFCs are producing during the manufacturing process. Once made, the material is packed in either roll or batt form. Thanks to its impressive elastic qualities, it can be compressed to as little as one-tenth of its original thickness. This saves on storage and transportation costs, further reducing its environmental footprint.

When properly installed in a ceiling or other space, glass wool insulation is proven to save as much as one hundred times the amount of energy consumed in its manufacture, transport and disposal.

Aerolite – Friendlier Insulation That Works Hard For You

Using a glass wool insulation material such as Aerolite immediately puts you on the right side of a sustainable future. In recent years, Aerolite manufacturer Isover has concentrated significant resources on increasing the energy efficiency of their operations. In just seven years, they dropped their energy consumption by 20% per ton of product – with a corresponding reduction in CO² emissions. In addition, by switching to closed circuit systems and investing in more water-wise equipment, they reduced, by 30%,  the amount of water consumed per tons of glass wool product made.

All of which helps to make Aerolite a top choice for eco-friendly insulation. To find out more, contact us today.