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As of January 2013, in accordance with legislation concerning energy efficiency in new buildings, it is compulsory for all new homes built in South Africa to have roof insulation. This new legislation is overseen by the South African National Standards (SANS) and was put in place to help South African homes reduce energy loss. SANS regulations state that all roofs must be insulated with a material that has a minimum R-value of 1.5, and all exposed hot water service pipes with a diameter greater than 80mm must be clad with insulation with a minimum R-value of 1.

For insulation purposes, South Africa has been divided into six climate zones, based on their temperature and humidity variations. Each zone has different minimum R-value requirements for certain walls and ceilings. When correctly installed, the appropriate thickness and R-value of insulation for your climatic zone protects your home against the cold and heat. It also saves electricity, providing a comfortable, healthy, safe and quiet space for you and your family.

SANS Regulations On R-Values

• Zone 1 (cold interior): R-value requirement of 3.7

• Zone 2 (temperate interior): R-value requirement of 3.2

• Zone 3 (hot interior): R-value requirement of 2.7

• Zone 4 (temperate coastal): R-value requirement of 3.7

• Zone 5 (sub-tropical coastal): R-value requirement of 2.7

• Zone 6 (arid interior): R-value requirement of 3.5

How Aerolite Complies With SANS Regulations

Aerolite insulation has one of the highest R-values in its class and offers excellent thermal insulation benefits, as well as great noise reduction capabilities. For Climate Zones 1, 2, 4 and 6, 135mm Aerolite is recommended, while 100mm Aerolite is ideal for Zones 3 and 5.

In addition to keeping your home between four and eight degrees warmer in winter, and four to eight degrees cooler in summer, Aerolite has a fire rating of A/A 1/1, meaning it will not burn. It is also SABS approved and has a lifespan of between 25 and 50 years. As an added advantage, Aerolite insulation doesn’t house rodents and other vermin, nor does it provide food for them. It’s also the perfect insulation for your hot water pipes.

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