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Glass wool is one of the most popular insulation materials used today. This amazing material is made from sand and recycled glass that is blended together before being melted, spun into a fibrous mat, and then bound together with resin. The final texture is similar in feel to wool (hence its name) – which is actually pretty incredible when you think it started out as decidedly non-wool-like sand and glass!

In addition to its impressive thermal insulating properties, glass wool is one of the safer insulation materials in use today. This is a claim backed up by the European Insulation Manufacturers Association, after examining the results of over 1 000 studies carried out by leading scientists in America and Europe.

What Makes Glass Wool Safer?

Insulation materials vary in their fire safety ratings, but one of the main reasons why glass wool is considered so safe is that it’s virtually incombustible. It also won’t propagate flames or fuel existing fires. This is why any building using it as an insulation material automatically increases its own fire safety rating. In some applications, it’s even used as a fire barrier to protect staff or the general public in the event of a fire.

Glass wool also provides excellent acoustic insulation, which reduces noise pollution. This makes working environments safer for employees working in areas where high levels of noise could otherwise cause hearing damage over time.

In addition, glass wool has a neutral pH and doesn’t absorb moisture from the atmosphere. This means there is no risk of corrosion, or of any chemicals leaching from or through the material.

Aerolite – Safer Insulation For Your Home And Business

Aerolite is a glass wool ceiling insulation material that is certified non-combustible (SANS 10177 Part 5). It won’t burn, smoke, or melt in a fire, and is tested to Class 1 fire index rating (SANS 10177 Part 3). To find out more about how this amazing product can make insulation safer for your home or office, chat with us today.